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Car-seat Socrates
What exactly is
so deeply fascinating
outside the window?
Two little blue eyes,
two hundred racing raindrops;
look where the glass ends.
Do you think it hurts
when they fall from the sky so
mercilessly hard?
Why does the clapping
of the big man in the clouds
shake my heart like this?
The sun has come to
scare the stormy grey away;
flashing and fighting.
Engine's gentle purr -
this Honda is a jaguar -
eight-seater creature.

Only now do I
realize that I am looking again
through the wrong windows.
Something amazing
is taking place in that little
car-seat Socrates.
:iconvivaciousbodacious:VivaciousBodacious 0 7
Story of a Teenage Meltdown
I'm more than annoyed.
                       More than irritated.
                                         More than aggravated.
:iconvivaciousbodacious:VivaciousBodacious 0 2
Sitting upon the
the cold concrete
is a rusted and old
empty tin.
The sounds of change;
dropping down,
clattering down
the drainpipe's cousin.
Clink. Clink. Clink.
The sound of rain
for the modern Midas
is pocket change.
Tattered coat
filled with moth holes
has seen better days -
the tin is half empty.
Unshaven and unshaken,
he sits on the dark side
of the street, tired of the
broken concrete road.
Streetwalker commentary
on the sign that rests
on the sleeping man's
rising and falling chest.
I am deaf.
Spare any change,

It is dark and cold
and the city is sleeping;
just a nap before
it's time to wake up again.
The man, in his hand,
holds a tin treasure chest
holding the generosity
better than his own.
Down the street,
around the corner,
up the stairs,
and through the door.
He is home.
The comfortable place
he takes for granted,
as he leaves the kindness
sitting on the counter top.
His hot dinner greets him
from the high-end microwave,
and his warm bed awaits
him with op
:iconvivaciousbodacious:VivaciousBodacious 2 4
Pop Culture
We're all around you;
                      among you,
                             above you
                       by your wishes alone.
[of course;
            we reflect who you are
             on the (inside)out]
Jesus has nothing on us!
:iconvivaciousbodacious:VivaciousBodacious 1 24
Drunkard's Lullaby
The music of
twinkling glasses
and liquid gold;
they call it brandy.
Greeting me
every morning -
or is that
the amaretto
in my coffee?
Take my car keys
(they didn't find
these ones)
from their hiding
place in the breadbox.
The drive goes by
in a festive haze;
every day is Christmas
but I don't understand
the yellow light.
My office is home
to the minds of
murderers and
bound in paper volumes.
My (prisoners) clients
site on wine-red leather;
I get paid six thousand dollars
for problems I could fix
with six glasses of red wine.
The water in my
glass is fire -
or at least it burns;
Russian Morphine.
The thirst is
The unpaid bills
are my doormat,
the answering machine
is my nagging guilt;
my house is not my home.
I'm always alone,
(I'd give my sanity not to be)
so I call up my good friend,
from the cabinet.
Six o' clock, seven,
ten o' clock, eleven;
just like Mama used to,
the bathroom floor
kisses me goodnight.
:iconvivaciousbodacious:VivaciousBodacious 1 2
Milica Today
Sometimes I think
That my cat loves me
more than my brother-
but that's okay-
Tiger smells better anyway.
My science teacher
feels the need to ruin
my daily lunch break;
"Hair is essentially the crap
of the cells on your scalp."
I haven't lost myself
to the music, nor am I
drunk - this is just
the way this white girl
Education is the world
of knowledge -
on one's shoulders
three textbooks
means a sore back.
Roll over,
it's three o' clock
in the afternoon;
I'm still waiting
for it to be nine.
I think, you think,
we think, they think;
are any of us thinking
at all, or are we
I'm fixing a hole
in my head
where the cold gets in;
since I can't fix the one
where it gets out.
Yes, No and Maybe;
we christened in red ink
the eraser, the makeshift die
rolling across the desk is
So flattered,
I have become
a pancake;
fluffy and warm
Everything is so
controversial nowadays.
:iconvivaciousbodacious:VivaciousBodacious 1 11
Grade Ten Science
a test to see
how one variable
affects another.
Let's experiment
to see how I affect you
and how you affect me.
[Cue the teenage philosophy:
We'll call it 'love'
and announce it on FaceBook
Cool to the touch,
that you can't have
quite yet (but you can
still see it in my eyes.)
Breaking the ice hurts,
a little bit, like always;
awkward silences are so loud.
[Temperature rise:
23°, room temperature
Our thermostats are resting
Walking down crowded hallways,
holding hands, [All the while,
the cat holds their tongues.
but that doesn't stop us
from showing them how it's done.
[A month passes:
They celebrate their anniversary;
While others in the world
enjoy their twenty-fifth.
Friday nights at the movies:
our mouths are to occupied
with each other to notice the stares.
(Impromptu education
for the ten year old
with the wandering eyes)
[End Film]
The lights come on,
as we come up
for air and prudes' g
:iconvivaciousbodacious:VivaciousBodacious 2 8

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Okay, I have been out of the dA loop for...a few months now really.

Writing has been going slowly. Creating has been going slowly in general.

Because I am so bogged down with work, studies, dance, yaddah, yaddah I've been pretty busy. And I will remain so. BUT! I will be starting to clean up my gallery and move my things into a new account. This might give me some freshness, or might move my stale flavors around, but we shall see.

I am hoping my watchers will move with me, despite the demise of the dancing panda in the future!
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